Musings of an Adult Onset Swan
  • Musings of an Adult Onset Swan
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Some girls are Congenital Swans. They realize their worth and allure early on in life. But being an Adult Onset Swan gives you a unique perspective on the world.

Beyonce. Harriet Tubman. Spain. Join Rhonda Welsh as she muses about the things on her mind and heart and finds a little joy along the way in her brand new eBook.

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Red Clay Legacy
  • Red Clay Legacy
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During the Great Migration, people came from the south in search of opportunity. These children of red clay often found that the north yielded broken families and mean streets. Their offspring were left to find belonging and a sense of place as best they could. Rhonda Welsh is one of those descendants. Red Clay Legacy is an intimate look at her life. Readers will travel with her through childhood, into the spiritual realm, within the ups and downs of marriage and finally into a new level of self-acceptance. These poems chronicle her journey.

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